Multi-spectral imagery.
Mostly from an airplane,
occasionally not.


Infrared Baron images are used by farm and field managers to help keep an eye on their fields.  There is no better way for growers to quickly see what is happening in their fields.

The field above is showing rings from plugged irrigation nozzles. This photo cost the grower $30.  Fixing the problems with the irrigation system will save several hundred dollars.


Finding problems early saves money.


All of the images we produce are geo-referenced. They can be loaded into your farm management software, GIS, or even Google Earth.


We perform thermal infrared core loop testing services throughout the United States.  Mostly hydro-power turbines but occasionally we encounter a steam turbine.  We are able to respond to customers requirements quickly by flying to the job site in our own airplane.  The reports we generate are thorough and comprehensive.


  • Performed over 100 thermal infrared core loop tests in hydro dams throughout the western U.S.
  • Provided aerial platform for calibration of the LandSat 8 Earth Observing Satellite.
  • We process and deliver agricultural photography covering over 1 million acres annually.
  • Help improve our community by donating time and resources to local needs.

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